International Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Day

May 11th marked the first International Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Awareness Day.  Trying to bring an end to the stigma associated with talking about periods.

12 May 2024

Women’s Health Road Australia Inc launched initiative Bleed Better in the hope of creating awareness and conversation around heavy menstrual bleeding.

On May 11th they launched the 1st Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Awareness.  The line up of guest speakers included:

Dr Talat Uppal, Gynaecologist Specialist and Director of Bleed Better

Dr Megan Young, Specialist GP in Menopause Management

Dr Tanushree Rao, Advanced Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeon

Assoc. Prof Bassel Wattar, Associate Professor of Reproductive Medicine / Medical Director, Clinical Trials Unit, Anglia Ruskin University

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